redo = success!!

Jake - Conflict (6 color)

So as I said in my entry on the 26th I have redone the poster of my friend Jake. This time I held myself back from exceeding 6 colors and overworking it like I did this previous week (thankfully). I was beginning to think that I couldn't save this one. I loved the color palette from the first to the last color laid down, all of which were pretty spontaneous. I think I have finally gotten down the technique of screen printing to a science. I turned out all the copies of this print in about 3 hours. Not to shabby. I really think I could pick up screen printing as a career. It involves enough illustration to satisfy me while keeping in the graphic design elements that I love so dearly.

Who knows, maybe one day I will be setting up a little self made lab in my kitchen apartment. Haha! Anything is possible! Enjoy.

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