Well that was nice...

Today I watched the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and it was a wonderfully hilarious and fun movie with an amazing soundtrack.

The story was really great: a couple kids who love music find themselves to be meant for each other through the events that take place over one night of venue hopping. I found something else to be very interesting completely beside the storyline: the characters in this movie are so into their music that they completely dedicate their lives to it, loosing track of other things happening around them. In a way it seems to be an aspect of ignorance but as I thought about it I could see that it was their passion to listen to music, watch these bands through all hours of the night and to just loose themselves in it.

I may be the last one to realize this but I see now that I don't really care about biology all that much; I don't see why I should force myself to pick up a guitar when in the back of mind I know I don't have the time to play it; I don't know why I have to try and do everything perfect. I am an artist who loves creating visual pieces of work that speak to everyone who look at it. Art is my passion and that's all that should really matter (beside my family and friends), and in a way I think that would help me to truly find my place in the world of art and design.

I am an artist and that is what everyone should see when they look at me. It's not shameful to say that I don't know about something because I was to busy creating a beautiful painting to find time to read the headlines for a day or so. Ha!

Now that I've ranted on and on about my nerdy art life, please check out Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist when it comes out on dvd. Definitely worth it, great laughs and a fun romance that will make you want to search for 'your song.' Hahaha!

So Here I Am

Would you look at this, I'm actually setting aside time to start up a new blog and throw up an entry. Hopefully going to make this into a nice little habit of mine. Reflection is just so good for the soul :)

I'm on somewhat of a self improvement binge right now. I just can't stand how I look around the web and find all these great blog entries that can be considered just as much of an art as a painting on a wall. Even after reading some of them I haven't even attempted to try to do anything remotely like it. Looking into the mind of an artist, a writer, or even just an average joe reviewing what he did over the day is so interesting. Plus what's the point of going through life without really thinking about what went on, seeing something that you never noticed before and understanding how it effected your life...

Well now I'm just starting to sound like a wannabe Confucius talking about all this random crap.

Maybe I'll hear from some regulars over time as I keep updating stuff
if not... meh. S'all good. Haha!