Where have you been all my life?!

Over the past few weeks I had been in a huge rut. I would wake up in the morning, write down everything I had to get done for the day, do the class thing, and return to my dusty dorm room completely worn out and unmotivated to do anything. I am usually the kind of person who works to the point where it's almost sickening for people to think about but that's because I have very high expectations for myself.

I started to realize that I was falling victim to something I couldn't quite figure out the solution to. {it drives me crazy when I can get stuff like that worked out}

But today was the day I found out the reason why I've been a little off basically this whole semester and it all came to me when I had my mid-program review today. Now I know I'm going to sound like an egotistical douche for saying this but I was in desperate need of appreciation for the work I was doing. I had studios last semester with some really fun people who have become extremely good friends of mine and we would work on projects together and give each other feedback and really try to motivate one another. That's what I've been missing.

The professors walked into my mid-program, which I had to almost run to get to on time, and they really gave me some amazing comments. One of the professors considered a piece I did to be one of the best he's seen this year. The one professor that I actually had for a class (Andy DuCett) stayed behind after the review and talked to me one-on-one about some huge strengths that I had as a designer, from good communication to amazing work motivation. It not only make me feel good but it really made me re-discover some of the reasons why I'm in this major, why I want to be a designer. It is what makes me the person I am. I love to to meet new people, I have an amazing work ethic, and I constantly desire the chance the learn something new everyday.

But I'm also in this field because I have a very extroverted personality. I get my energy from the praise I receive from my peers and other people around me, I love the recognition for the hard work that I am wired to do.

Motivation needs fuel to keep burning. All of us as artist, students, human beings need recognition that what we are putting our time and effort into is worth something.

Give your friend a pat on the back and tell them that they are doing a great job!!

Stay on top of your game everyone!!