faces passing by

So here we are again. Posting some more face sketches. I decided that I wanted to do a more official archive of this little project that I set for myself so I went out, picked up a sketchbook and started up fresh. Here are the three I have so far. Keep an eye out for more soon.
[[ once again comments and critiques are welcome ]]



Here is some work that I have been printing off in my Siebdruck (screen printing) class. Our theme to work with is the agriculture of Hildesheim. I am working with the abbreviation of Hildesheim, the HI and the agricultural products that Hildesheim produces mixing them together in a typographical manner (so no, I am not saying "hi" with all of these prints).

I will throw up the outlines I'm working on for my next couple of compositions. I'm hoping to keep developing as I move from piece to piece so the viewers can slowly see how each once becomes more and more organic than the other.

Check them out and let me know some thoughts. Criticism is welcomed from all!

first print (experimenting a little) in the end it was a horrible print because of all the
things i messed up on, but it was a learning process for me for the latter pieces

first final print in the series, background got a little too dark and distracting

definitely my favorite so far. the onion. sadly i messed up on most of the
prints of this one and these are the only two that really turned out well.
thought i would mess around with different background color. preference?

^ proof prints in screen printing can be so beautiful.
hoping to do something with these compositions later v

p.s. please excuse the bad lighting in the photos. they were taken in my
room which doesn't have much of a light in the first place. i will be taking
more professional quality photos later toward the end of the semester.