more faces

A post for my desperately needed update on all those face sketches I have been working on. Enjoy!

project update

Here is some of the recent projects I have been working on. Of course, I have my "Faces" sketches that I just posted but now I also have some of those faces moving from the sketchbook to full sized screen prints! Lots of color and some random elements thrown into the pot. I also have my "Personality Toast" project that I am working on for another screen printing class with the concept of what people put on their toast reflecting their personality and identity (a more light - hearted and humorous project).



Just a minute ago I decided to hop onto my deviantART page and check out my inbox. I stumbled on a message of a young artist who sent a link of a work they finished that was inspired by something I had created... I don't think I could be more happy as an artist or designer to see that I had this effect on someone and had the individual feel so good about the whole thing that they had to show me what is caused. This is something I love to do as an creative, inspire people around me (whether they show it or not) to do something creative themselves or just to simply affect their thinking.

Random entry, but something that I had to get out there. I will ever be afraid to tell someone that their work has inspired something great to happen because in the end everyone loves to hear that the work they have done is making something happen in the world and feeling it first hand is beyond words.



Here I am. Sitting at my computer trying to figure out what has to get done today to prepare for the upcoming week. Of course my mind starts to wonder...

Wondering off into the distance of home and the faces I long to see, the places I want to go once again, and all the relaxation and blissfulness of my life as I remember it. How I have changed... The problem is I don't know in what way I have changed while being over here. How can an individual judge the difference between the old and new of themselves? This individual is part of a gradual development and unless there is some intentional goal there is no telling what will happen. I am one of these individuals and when people ask me how I have changed I can't really tell them, I feel that I have but in what way, I am not certain. The only people who can really be the judge of such a thing are the people at home who I left behind for my 11 month absence. Only those people who have that memory of my 11 month younger self will see the difference.

I believe that I am just as interested as everyone asking me, how I have changed? This will be my favorite question for everyone once I am home for a month or so. I hope there are a few people out there who will be able to fill me in...