german work gallery showing

So, my fellow German/American exchange peers and I are putting on an exhibition to present the work that we did while studying in Hildesheim. I was afraid in the beginning that I would be the only one setting up in the gallery but luckily the others jumped in with a bit of their work to present. I think that it should be a pretty interesting experience to go through. On opening night we are presenting our thoughts and experiences on the exchange and then our work will be critiqued by professors of our choice to see if the credits actually transfer to where we were hoping they would... that might prove to be a depressing situation. If there isn't enough work presented to cover a course then they will stick those credits into an ART-XXX meaning something not toward my major. Well, no point in worrying about it now!

Through this poster together for the exhibition tonight. Need to add some info but basically has the feel I was looking for.