another day of screen printing

Absentminded - 4 color

Split - 6 color

So today I decided to put my huge screen to good use and kill two birds with one stone. Of course that means I stayed up late last night to get the compositions ready for this morning but I was still able to get it done. I worked on my Toast project only today, trying to get that finished so that I can concentrate fully on my faces.

I did these two compositions completely on the computer by painting in photoshop, which in the end kind of shows... need to work on that. I also was much more satisfied with the compositions when they were on my computer screen compared to them being all down in ink. I was trying a new illustration style, which probably has something to do with the reason I am not digging them so much yet. Still have to develop it a bit. For throwing them together quickly they turned out alright.

I used two different colored paper for each work. The first is of a burnt piece of toast and a question mark representing someone who is absentminded, forgetting about their toast in the toaster and burning it to a crisp. The second composition is of a piece of toast split down the middle, one side with jam, the other with nutella. This is representing the split personality with two opposites rigidly separated.

Enjoy! Comments and critiques welcome!! Thanks.

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