a blunt blow

I have been working on my Absolventen Katalog (Alumni Catalog) layout and design work for my big project class this semester with relentless effort. This class is made up of four German students, one Russian exchange student and myself along with the professor who is actually a working professional with the sole task of getting this catalog developed each semester through a group of students

Our small group has moved along and progressed with our ideas and themes further from week to week but we seem to slow down more and more on the development toward the final layout. The blunt reality of it all hit us this week when we met in class on Thursday to review and finally decide on the theme that we were going to strive for in the actual catalog. Our professor sat us down in class before some other professors came to review what we had and she came right out by saying, "I have to tell you all, I find this group to be... somewhat difficult. As a group you haven't been showing enough quantity and quality of work that we need to get this project off the ground."

My heart sank as she finished up by saying, "I don't think you could handle the turn out of the final catalog with all the effort and work that we need to put into it..." BAM!! What a blow that was (although it is something that I have come to appreciate about being here is that the professors and students alike are not afraid to hurt your feelings when it comes to giving an honest critique on work).

In some sense this little talk from the prof. woke me up (as well as the rest of the group) to really look at their work more seriously and start buckling down on the turnout of quality layouts. There is a sense that comes with being shot down that brings in an extreme desire to prove yourself to the best of your abilities. Sometimes it is just hard to get that smack up-side the head to make that happen.

The other professors came in shortly after and reviewed our work and discussed what would be the most desired layout, giving us a bit of feedback here and there but mainly just talking amongst themselves while the group and I waited in anticipation on the final decision. In the end my theme / rough layouts were chosen as though a sign of fate dropped down upon me to test if I could handle the challenge. I was told a few things that they would like developed and the reviewers left, my mind completely jumbled from the excitement / anxiety / fear of the next few weeks and the work that had to be done along with the expectations of not only the reviewing professors but the entire student body that would have a copy of this in the end of the semester.
A quick random note: Design is possibly the greatest thing ever. It makes my blood rush and my mouth go dry. Life lessons can be taught through it when least expected and I can use it to express myself wholeheartedly to everyone who sees my work. It makes each day another step in discovering new things about myself and the world around me. I = Design Nerd.

This catalog should be a great experience. Keep an eye out for updates on my progress in it.

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