final poster

The poster is finished. Pretty simple overall. I wish I would have had more time on my hands to work with the type but my schooling is crushing down on me so I made due with what I could. I enjoy the evolution of the placement with the type, which first started off in one row above her head as though it was a masthead of a magazine. I think I will mess with the illustration a little more when I get some free time to mess around with some filters and textures. I want to explore the more painterly side of things that photoshop has to offer so I can push my style a bit more. Enjoy!

-- Edit --

Found a little typo in the in her word blurb, good thing I didn't send this out yet! Now that is much better. You've got to love catching typos at the last second.



Now comes the color. I'm messing around with a technique that one of my more admired illustrators uses for his work. It is based on simply messing around with selective color in masked off sections and it works wonders, plus you can mess around with the color all you want without having to repaint the elements. I'll make sure to have a bigger chunk done with the next post.


poster in progress

I received the guidelines to this poster contest the morning after I started on the first line work... so I decided to start fresh and figure out a more appropriate composition. Still holding true to that sexual appeal that I was aiming for in the first start but this time it is a little more blunt. Once the colors go on that should just add to the feeling. I am loving the process so far, simply experimenting with elements in photoshop I am not so accustomed to using. Background is a little wanky but I am thinking it will be a bit more loose as I get deeper into it.


poster process

I have just started up work on a poster design/illustration for a random contest out of the Twin Cities. I'm hoping to do about two different compositions by the end of next week. As of now I am working toward developing a more sensual atmosphere with this piece. Started out with the woman having a cigarette but as of now I am changing up the line art so that she is holding a rose instead. Should be a fun process to go through. I'll throw up my progress over the next couple days.