I joined the rest of the International students on a trip to Goslar on Saturday, which is located in the Hartz Mts. We went there to go take a tour of the old ore mines there and to visit the very well known, touristy, expensive, but seemingly magical Christmas Market going on there (in Germany I think there is a Christmas Market in almost every village no matter how small it is).

The first thing we had to do was catch our train to get to Goslar, the thing was the train was packed before it even pulled into the Hildesheim Hopbahnhauf. All 25 of us crammed into whatever cars we could get into and we all stood (or sat) in the aisle for the 50 minute train ride. What a great time that was. I knew that it wouldn't be much different for the ride back.

The mine at Goslar was a fantastic adventure to see all the depths that these people traveled to just to get some chunks of ore here and there. It was a very eerie place to be but a breathtaking sight all at once. Once done with the mine exploration everyone was starving for some good Christmas Market food, along with a delicious side of gl├╝hwein (a spiced hot wine special for the holiday season). It was an unbelievable Christmas Market but it was so packed with people, tourists and residents alike that it became very overwhelming. Plus everything at the market was quite expensive compared to other markets that I have been to.

Overall it was a fun adventure even if it came with freezing cold hands and feet and a few packed train rides. They definitely know how to celebrate Christmas over here.

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