[ art update ]

Here are a few sketches I did on a couple train rides. I find it so meditative to sit on a train and look out the window watching the world fly by. Even at night when all you can see is an island of light emerging from the complete darkness of the night at each train stop, it seems surreal in a way. I can sit and listen to the people surrounding me talking about this and that (in German, of course), see them get on and off at the stations and disappear back into their world and life. This probably doesn't make too much sense but that is why I find train rides so enjoyable.

yes, i do realize i spelled "avoidance" wrong. i have always
been a horrible speller. thank god for spell check.. haha

Next is my newest print. Nothing too fancy compared to the last two, but I'm still working on my technique. The one I was hammering out on Friday, which I sadly couldn't finish on account of the school closing for the night, was turning out a great and had a slightly different feel to it. I'm going to be pushing a few elements here and there as more of these come out. By the way this one if a red beet for all who were wondering.

.. And then of course, there are my new face sketches. My style is progressing slowly but surely. I need to keep sketching one of these a day so as to show a true transformation in my illustrative look. This is such a great project to work on, I don't know if my excitement will end.


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