faces passing by

So here we are again. Posting some more face sketches. I decided that I wanted to do a more official archive of this little project that I set for myself so I went out, picked up a sketchbook and started up fresh. Here are the three I have so far. Keep an eye out for more soon.
[[ once again comments and critiques are welcome ]]


  1. really enjoy the man...I have been working on figures lately..but need to get back to faces...they hae been sort of an afterthought in many of my recent drawings...Its great to see you sketches...and how they are coming along....fantastic work amigo! cant wait to have you in the house next year...itl be an illustration fest! I need to post some more of my stuff soon...I finally manned-up and purchased a scanner

  2. I love the bone structure you add to your faces...we are starting to learn that in Life Drawing so I will finally understand it! yay! long time coming!