what was i doing again...?

There is only so much time that a person can spend somewhere new until it loses its wonder. About two weeks back I could hardly bring myself to take my camera out of my backpack because I couldn't see anything that really seemed interesting. I couldn't find the motivation to take any bit of homework seriously. Even my small travel sketch journal that I carry with me everywhere hardly left the confines of my jacket's breast pocket. The real tough part about all of this was I was completely aware that I was beginning to see Hildesheim, Germany as another Menomonie, Wisconsin (one of the most boring towns I have stayed in).

All of the international students here were experiencing the same exact feelings I was. We had all fallen into a life of day-to-day routine within the confines of our German city, no longer enjoying the small details that interested us so much when we arrived.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked all about how change was the fuel that stoked my motivational and inspirational fire. Falling into a routine is the exact opposite of that change that I desired so much. Only, I know how easy it is to fall within a comfortable routine and I know even more how hard it is to break such a routine. I talked about this to almost every one of the International students here and I couldn't find my way out of it.

Motivation = 0%
Inspiration = 1%
Wasted Energy... yeah, the other 99%

Then, I started to think that maybe it wasn't simply that I was falling into a routine, it was that besides the change there was nothing else to motivate me. The pressure of the two week deadlines of the Design projects at Stout were no longer a factor on my mind. The design students here are given all the time in the world to finish the projects that are given over the semester. For someone who has become so adapt to a ticking clock pushing the productivity forward this system is very hard to get used to, me being this 'someone.'

So I forced myself to stay concentrated all weekend getting projects back on track and figuring out how this semester is going to work. I also started looking into places that I am going to travel to over this and next semester (all of which will be kept a surprise until I finish my traveling to said places).

I also talked to Anna, a girl I work with in the Cafe here, and she said that it is better to get into the habit of motivating yourself to do something because then you know that you can do it alone. 'It is only you who can tell you what to do.' I love that and I think that is what really got me going. So look out, I will be going crazy here pretty soon with everything I am going to be doing.

Sorry about the big gaps between the posts lately, I will be sure to keep all the updates coming more often.

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  1. word of advise from a former exchange student-

    if you ever get bored study the SHIT our of the language of the place you are living. then you can speak fluently to the people of the country that you are in and everything will be more alive and fun!