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Hello all,

This is just a post to get me back into the groove of doing an entry every week. I missed getting something up on here the last week and a half and I feel like its about due that I threw everyone something to read.

So I have just been rocking out to music, going to classes and thinking about (but not actually putting into practice) learning German, which is no good. Classes are getting good. I am really starting to get some interesting ideas going for some projects happening here. For example, I have my screen printing project that is open for us to do anything we want! The catch is the theme is around Agriculture in Hildesheim, anything from the products produced, the machinery used, the people who eat the food; anything. So I decided that I am going to do this very obscure idea that revolves around the network of distribution of everything within Hildesheim's agricultural system. Its really hard to explain at this point in the process but I think that it will be a very nice final piece.

As for my side projects, they are coming along slowly but surely. I do bits and pieces when I have the free time out of class. Ideas just keep pouring out of my head for thing that I would like to do next. I really have a short attention span when I comes to long term projects. This is actually something that I realized while I have been over here working on my German and BIG semester long projects: if I am working on something and I begin to get distracted while working on it, I think I need to move to the next thing because it is a sign that I have lost interest in what I'm doing at that moment. If I keep working on something and lose more and more interest in it, I really start to slow down throughout the entire process. This type of working may slow me down on getting one project done quickly but I think that it will improve my ability to balance and work with multiple projects (which is something that I am always doing).

Alright so that is enough on that whole thing. I need to get a picture thrown in here for everyone to check out. This is something that really inspires me a lot; a completely out of focus shot from my little point-and-shoot. I believe what makes it so beautiful is that it is a very abstracted shot, it looks as though there are only two or three colors that make up the composition and that the whole thing is built simply out of line and shape. It is of the main Bahnhof here in Hildesheim.

get lost in it

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