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Alright, I am showing one of the projects I have assigned to myself for over this year in German. I am going to be drawing the faces of those I meet along the great adventure and working with expressions of the characters and line quality and drawing style to represent the personality of each person. It will be an interesting process and I believe I will develop some interesting techniques throughout the whole thing, plus it will be way too much fun (I am a nerd of art).

These first few faces (from left to right, top to bottom) are of a Russian exchange student studying with me, a German girl who is a product designer and a tutor for some of the Spanish exchange students here, and of Jen (the one who helped me adapt to life in Germany).

As of now these are only sketches. I'm looking to develop them into a more finalized form with some color later on.

I'm really excited to do this project!! Keep an eye out for more updates on my sketches.

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  1. I am enjoying these a lot. The second time I was a blogger stalker and checked them out! Good work son!