I found out something very interesting about myself, something that I am a complete idiot for not figuring out earlier. Change is the key, the fuel that keeps me inspired.

The main entrance to the design facility building where I will be studying.
Over my last semester I noticed that my inspiration and motivation were disappearing faster than I could hope to replace them. The cause wasn't that the year was coming to a close, it wasn't that I was getting distracted by friends or relationships, and it had nothing to do with the level of classes that I was in. When I look back at the whole thing it was because of my mundane and seemingly boring routine that I followed every day; the same environment and atmosphere that I surrounded myself with.

Now that I have come to this completely new country, surrounded by things that seem so unfamiliar and strange, I find that my mind is being stimulated to the point where I feel energized and excited for the next something to happen. As I ride my bike around this city I'm constantly looking up at all the buildings, seeing all the signs and advertisements and design work, and looking at all the culture amongst the people here and my brain is always trying to keep up, trying to grasp everything that is going on around me. I've started doing things that I never really did while I was back in the States. I've started to write in little journals that I bring along with me everywhere I go (thanks for the idea, Alex), I've begun to take photographs of everything that I find an interest in no matter how small, and I've started to make a regularity of my reading habits. I never have been much of a reader, in fact I only finished one book this entire summer, but now I've started reading at least an hour each day since arriving here in Hildesheim. I'm also reading these very off-beat things such as the basic teachings of the great philosophers in history and interesting papers on large psychological studies. This is all triggering parts of my mind that I never really worked on because I never seemed to find the time or need to think out off-topic things like that.

Amongst these changes comes the biggest one: being immersed into the German language. I have not been taught anything about this language yet so it's something I am constantly trying to grasp as the people here talk around me. When two individuals are engaged in a conversation I try to concentrate on all the little details that are going on such as the tone of voice between each of them, the facial expressions that are made and the hand gestures and eye movements. These little parts are tools to help me decipher what is being talked about and I begin to understand what is happening within the conversation.
This is how they park on all the streets around here,
halfway on the sidewalk... interesting and strange.

This little critter kicks major butt.
This is just some of the heavy change that has been happening to me and it's lead to some great concepts and ideas for art and design projects. I also feel more attentive of my surroundings and more motivated to do a number of things throughout my day. This whole thing comes down to me embracing change in my life. I need to start changing my routine more often. I have to get lost when heading to a familiar location only to find a new route to my destination. I have to paint my walls different colors and move furniture more often. I need to meet new people and talk about complete unknown topics just to get my brain working. Change is never been something I have been afraid of but it is something that I've never completely engaged.
Speaking of changing the color of the walls in my room, for some reason I've really
been into purple right now and, what do you know, my new room has a large purple wall.

Where creativity will take over. Hopefully over this semester some cool concepts
can be turned out while sitting at this wonderful drafting table.
Change is nothing but a new way of seeing the world and an ever changing world is what everyone searches for. Bringing about the change is what becomes the challenge. I find the only thing I can ask myself each day I wake up here is: What next?


  1. What can I say, I love that you are finding more time to read. I love that you are learning so much about yourself and I LOVE that you are reading some psychology studies. Haha. Also, you know how much of a fan i am of purple so I am very excited your wall is purple!!!!

  2. Well there sir! i officially have a blogspot now! and I will def keep you updated as well as be checking yours. I expect an update every day...hahah