the flute player

This illustration is probably the one with the most time put into it before the printing. Maybe it was also the longest and most difficult one to print as well, considering I couldn't get the dang thing to register right the first time around!! And even the second time I tried I still couldn't get it quite perfect, but all in all that is what makes it a screen print, little imperfections such as mis-registering (not really a word). The composition is based on a Hermann Hesse poem that was given to us to make one single piece in our own interpretation of the message this amazing writer is depicting.

What I got out of the poem titled "The Flute Player" is that the reader is to enter a world where he can hear a song being played through nature itself; the trees, the birds, the stars and moon. There is something that resides in this amazing song that is so new and wondrous but at the same time it sounds so familiar that the reader just wants to reach out and touch it, become a part of it.

More to come soon! Enjoy!

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