printing winter semester

Here are all the prints I turned out from last semester. A series of ten different prints with the theme of HI-Land, a local agricultural organization for Hildesheim. For all who haven't read some of the previous posts about this project, the HI is the abbreviation of Hildesheim so I thought it would a funny thing to put as the main subject within all of my prints. Give me some comments on what you think! I really would like some constructional critisism on all of this. I must start developing my illustration and design on some of what the public says. Enjoy!

I believe these are in the order that I printed them in as well.
It really shows in the improvement of technique from one to the next.



Rot Beete







The whole family

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  1. Freakin' A kid! I will have to agree they got much more refined than your first couple. I really enjoy the water color look in the background as well as the shapes ('cucumber'my personal fave). I like the repeated line but I think that I had a seizure haha...well anyways if you have any extra prints on any of these I will sneak into your room and steal them. The patch style makes me cry inside...because its so fantastic...as well as the color pallets. The orange on the asparagus may be a little bright...but these are pics...I really cant wait to see the originals.