So Here I Am

Would you look at this, I'm actually setting aside time to start up a new blog and throw up an entry. Hopefully going to make this into a nice little habit of mine. Reflection is just so good for the soul :)

I'm on somewhat of a self improvement binge right now. I just can't stand how I look around the web and find all these great blog entries that can be considered just as much of an art as a painting on a wall. Even after reading some of them I haven't even attempted to try to do anything remotely like it. Looking into the mind of an artist, a writer, or even just an average joe reviewing what he did over the day is so interesting. Plus what's the point of going through life without really thinking about what went on, seeing something that you never noticed before and understanding how it effected your life...

Well now I'm just starting to sound like a wannabe Confucius talking about all this random crap.

Maybe I'll hear from some regulars over time as I keep updating stuff
if not... meh. S'all good. Haha!


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